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About Me

I'm an actor. Passionate to strive always for the best possible outcome with good working humor and easy co-operation. I burn for supporting others and believe that is the way to make it for the victory. You give, you get. I am passionate to work with movies, TV-series or anything with camera. Theatre of course is base for all of my artistic knowledge and so comes naturally in to frame. Talking about nature, I am Wilderness Guide by education as well. Any kind of outdoor, adventure or extremeproductions would really warm my heart. I love my family, animals, woods, mountains, compassion and travel. There is never too much happines in the world, so I cheer for that too.

I have wide range of skill and experience also from outside of direct artistic work, and therefore am very capable to large variety of roles. I'm handy and have skill to use almost any kind of machine or vehicle. I have talent for singing and am physically ready for demanding roles. I'm a happy camper with enthusiasm of a kid when it comes to work with movies - can´t wait for next role. 

Work Demo

1st Season SORJONEN
Fisher King Production
Work Demo